Griffin Farmstead

A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome
Our farm history dates back to the early 1900's when Allen Griffin started a dairy on this land. Relatives of my husband and his family, Pearl and Howard Griffin, farmed here until Howard's death in 1992. The dairy sat idle until 2007 when we started the Griffin Farmstead Goat Dairy.

Our love for goats started when we began breeding Nigerian Dwarf goats and has grown into a fondness for all breeds. We are now 1 of 5 licensed goat dairies in CT. On our dairy you will find Nubian, Saanen, and Alpine breeds. Currently we have 30 goats in milk, 15 doelings (young girls), and 3 bucks. We milk seasonally to give our girls and ourselves a break, therefore there is no liquid milk available for sale during the months of December - March.

Dairying isn't the only farming that we do. Clark Farms AKA Goodyear Farms in Suffield is owned and operated by us as well. We grow an assortment of spring annuals, perennials, nursery stock, and veggie starters. In the fall we have a large assortment of mums, pumpkins, and fall plantings. We are a family owned and operated farm so you will often find Allen, our son Zach, my dad Sonny, my mom Sandy, and Grace Ann hard at work.
In 2010 we purchased Bushy Hill Orchard in Granby; a 78 acre farm where we offer: strawberries, blueberries, peaches, apples, vegetables, and press our own cider. We also have a full bakery with hot cider donuts, an assortment of baked goods, an ice cream parlor with GranVal ice cream. Our newest venture is a Farm to Table, Farm to Families breakfast and to go dinners. If we don't grow it ourselves, we outsource it to other trusted LOCAL growers and producers. Please stop by and visit us at either farm. You can access our farms website at