Griffin Farmstead

Our Girls: Goats and Cows

Our girls are raised on pasture, hay, and grain. We are not an organic farm but practice “All Natural/Sustainable” farming. We grow our own hay and know what goes into our girls. They enjoy the outdoors and are only penned up during kidding (when they give birth) as they need to bond with their kids for a few days.

With my years of experience in the Veterinary field, I believe that antibiotics and vaccines are necessary for keeping our girls healthy and disease free. If in the event that any of our girls need medical attention and require antibiotics, their milk cannot be used for production. OUR GIRLS NEVER RECEIVE ANY HORMONES OR UNNECESSARY MEDICATIONS.

The health and well being of our girls is important to us therefore we give all of our girls a necessary “break” before kidding. During the months of December through March there is no liquid milk available.

Last year we acquired Madeline and Lily, our two milking shorthorn cows. We wanted a different and unique breed that could provide quality milk to our growing goat kids (as our goat milk is in high demand) and a breed that was different from the "black and whites" you see scattered around CT. Milking shorthorns offer a wonderful milk (great for cheese making) as well as a kind hearted breed able to withstand our environment and pasture. We are now bottling milk, chocolate milk, making yogurt, and cheese from the girls. Our cheddar and curds sell at several local restaurants and you can always find products at our Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard location.
Although they aren't girls, you will also find our menagerie of Alpaca dotting the field, they are friendly and offer a bit of security for the goats.

The group
Welcome little one
Lauren feeding babies
Madeline and Lily
Time for milking
Milking Time